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Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: Can I order samples? 

Yes. Generally, we carry inventory on occasion, if available, samples may be purchased.

Question 2: What paperwork do I need, to import?

For United States customers, an ATF Form 6 is required to Import.

An ATF Form 6 is NOT required for orders with a combined value of less than $100USD (Sample Orders).

Question 3:  If I use your company as my supplier, will my information remain private?

Yes.  We do NOT reveal our customer base to any person, entity, or publications.  

We cannot be compelled to disclose any such information without a court order, from a court in Taiwan.  

We will only correspond with the authorized representative within your company, and conversations will only be limited to your existing purchase order, technical, and sales questions.

Question 4:  What shipping options are available to me 

We recommend DHL or TNT.   DHL/TNT Freight International & Priority offer door-to-door Customs cleared deliveries, eliminating the need to use a Customs Broker.

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